Waka&Yuki – New Release: W&Y 108 / gachapon

Today , we released W&Y 108 – WORK HAT. W&Y 108, which has 14 types of cap colors like vertical stripes of denim fabric, chic colors and so on, will fit casual clothes for sure.
Moreover, we can choose 3 types of colors of studs in front, and we can simply change the size of hair by a dialog menu ! This 108 includes 2 types of hat color pattern, named like “TYPE A” and “TYPE A2” , the last number indicates its type. Please choose one as you like.
W&Y 108 for men is available on sale, too.
We prepare a exciting group gift with a vending machine called ‘gachapon’, which gives you an item each at random, that is, you don’t know which item you should receive !
Gachapon is very very popular among young ages in Japan. Please try gachapon this time.
notice : an interval for this group gift is 4 minutes ( one of us can get an item every 4 minutes by clicking gachapon )
If you don’t want to wait for a long time , you can buy this item for 30L$ each , with a sauce of gachapon play.

Please drop by and try gachapon!!
We are open !
Waka&Yuki Main Shop @ Tsukiji

Waka&Yuki Blog @ WordPress


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