Waka&Yuki – New Release: Hair with removable script

Waka&Yuki – New Release: Hair with removable script.

Removing the scripts from you hair after you have edited it helps reduce lag in the SIM.
There are 2 types of hair in the “W&Y HAIR new xx Delete” products.  The normal “TYPE xx”, and “Delete xx” which has a script that can change color, size, and is removable with just one click.

Prices are 200L$ with 4 colors included.  WAKA&YUKI’s new product has improved a lot!  Please be sure to try out the DEMO first.

Please be sure to make a copy of the product before you delete the script!  As long as you make a copy, even when you change your avatar, you will be able to resize and change the color of your hair as much as you like.  If you delete the script without first making a back-up copy, you will not be able to modify it again, so please be careful.

Our older products are on SALE!  We have our older products above our new products. They are all on sale for 50L$.  We will stop selling our older products soon, so be sure to get them while you can!

The 100L$ products are still in production, so only “TYPE” is available.

We have not yet replaced the products at the branch stores. These will be sold at the main store only.
Waka&Yuki Main Shop @ Tsukiji

Waka&Yuki Blog @ WordPress


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