Waka and Yuki – New SIM and moving the main store!

Happy new year from Waka and Yuki !!

The first news of 2010 from W&Y.
We have moved the main store. The new main store will be in the WAKA and Yuki SIM. The TSUKIJI store will remain as a branch store.

The new SIM will open completely at February 14th. However, we have set up a main store in a skybox for the time being. We will try our best to ensure you can shop conveniently, so please bear with us.

Thank you for loving our products. We greatly appreciate your support.

We offer a new item, ‘New 58’ as a new lucky letter gift at the main store in the skybox .

We added two items categorized ‘UNI’ and have replaced all our old products with our New products.

Many improvements have been made to the W&Y hair products!

Some of our products were used at the Miss Virtual World 2010 finals by the models!

Thank you to all!

Main Store @ Waka and Yuki SIM

Waka&Yuki Blog @ WordPress


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