Waka and Yuki – MODEL HAIR 14 Released & annoucement of a fashion show

Hi everyone. This is yukitan of Waka and Yuki.

We annouce a new release of MODEL HAIR 14 today.

This hair is available on sale at main store in Waka and Yuki SIM.
Main Store @ Waka and Yuki SIM

And this is the limited one for a fashion show, being held on January 25th, 2010.

We’re going to have a fashion show tomorrow. Please see as below.

Hi everyone!
This is a great show featuring DRESSES from “Sascha’s Designs” and HAIR from “W&Y” !!
Special thanks, Sascha’s Designs’s owner&designer,Sascha Frangilli, and W&Y’s owner & designer, yukitan Farrjones & WAKA Flow.

2010.1.25 22:00~(JPT)
2010.1.25 5:00~(SLT)

May I have your attention please.
Remove all attachments like AO,FACE LIGHT and so on to reduce lag of the SIM,Please.
Thank you for your cooperation:)


Notice: We are very sorry the LM for this show hasn’t been announced yet. Please visit this site later to get a LM.

We’re going to annouce about this show on this site, too.
Waka&Yuki Blog @ WordPress

Attention! —— added on 2010.01.25 03:15 SLT —
The LM for this show above is as below.

We’re very sorry that MODEL HAIR 14 Limited version will be releasing only for this show. Please come by to grab this stuff !


2 Responses to “Waka and Yuki – MODEL HAIR 14 Released & annoucement of a fashion show”

  1. 1 Lavea
    January 24, 2010 at 8:48 pm

    The limited color hair….will it only be available during the fashion show? (I’m dying to get it!)

  2. 2 ~ZsuZsanna~
    January 26, 2010 at 11:49 pm

    Me too, I had to work irl and was unable to attend the show. I would love to even buy the limited hair as I bought the one at the store and loooove it!

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