WAKA and Yuki – NEW release 135, 136 and LB

Hello ! How are you getting along? I’m very happy to announce good news, W&Y HAIR NEW 135 and 136.

The theme of our newest releases is Summer! We’ve tried to keep the designs fairly simple and easy to co-ordinate with.


The hair is pulled back and off to the side into a small dumpling bun and adorned with a summery turban for a style that lends itself to both casual or dressy looks.
This hair comes with an option to show or hide the bangs and there are 15 different turban colors to choose from.


With the hairband and ribbon it’s possible to wear this classic loose braid style three different ways. Both the hairband and ribbon come with an ‘OFF’ option and a choice of twelve different colors so you can co-ordinate with whatever you’re wearing.

Available from today at our main store!!

And don’t forget to check out the lucky board…

This is a short and casual hairstyle that looks really cool. Please choose one from 16 different colors.

Drop by and take a look.

Main Store @ Waka and Yuki SIM

Waka&Yuki Blog @ WordPress


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