WAKA and Yuki – Release: 143,144,MODEL 20 and 21

Four new releases from W&Y

We’ve created some hair to fill the need for those short styles you`ll be wanting now that it’s summer. There are low prim styles, styles that will help show off your earrings and even a Cyber Hair style!

W&Y HAIR New 143

A soft and bouncy do with the bangs flowing down from the crown making for an altogether cute style. This is sure to suit any style of dress.

W&Y HAIR New 144

A low prim hair, this cute mushroom shaped style is crafted with W&Y sculpts.


A short bob style, the hair frames the face creating the effect of a smaller face. Try accessorising with large earrings for a great look.


This is a low prim, mid-length Cyber hair style for those times when you are feeling a little bolder and more mature. The sunglasses in this style come with the OFF option to show or hide.

Available from today at our main store.
Stop by and take a look.

Main Store @ Waka and Yuki SIM

Waka&Yuki Blog @ WordPress

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