GA-GO Summer Live & Sale @ Waka and Yuki 2010/07/16 7AM SLT

GA-GO SL Ver Summer Concert @ Waka and Yuki 2010/07/16 7AM SLT(23:00 JST).

In addition we’re gonna start a half price campaign for 24 hours after this live show!! ( from July 16th, 2010 8AM SLT to 17th 8AM SLT )
Please find out ‘sale’ targets after the show !!

GA-GO arrives at Waka and Yuki SIM !!

“Possibility of new music” is pursued in the virtual world!

“GA-GO SL Ver” is a Japanese machinima Rock Band.
In 2008, the SL Rock band called “‘GA-GO SL Ver.’ was formed by the band`s leader, “gago Gigamon”. Their sound is reminiscent of hot 80’s rock music with powerful, heavy sounds and the maturity of entertainment vocalist “gago Gigamon” and his back-up members!

Their message shakes the souls of the young, old, men and women who have forgotten their dreams in this generation and chaotic age.
GA-GO SL Ver.’ : is an entertaining band not just for the very young. People of all ages can, and do enjoy the ‘GA-GO SL Ver.’ Rock band!

“gago Gigamon” has his feet planted firmly in reality, which is why he formed the band with people who play music in RL. All members are Real Life musicians and at every performance you`ll almost feel as if you are at a real life concert! All members have a strong sense of individuality and the experience to make live events exciting and hot! Their performances are awesome and always fun to watch.

Please come by to enjoy this live show and grab sale items !!

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